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I can't stop learning things, it's brilliant! Curiosity took a bit of a hit throughout the education phase of life but it's recovered now, everything is fascinating again! For me, out of anything, the most interesting thing is the internet - not just designing websites or building apps, but the potential they have to impact people, it's phenomenal.
Took me a while to figure out this passion, but since it dawned on me I've been set on learning everything there is to learn about the web, from networking protocols to the weirdest trends/projects floating around. “Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life” - yep, I never used to believe in that!

Wikilogic is an open source project currently being developed and looked after by myself and a few others. The idea is to create a system that will allow us to map out all logic, or as much of it as we can fit into a sharded database. This might seem a little wild at a holistic level, but it's actually quite simple.

We have a live demo running which I can supply a link to on request, or you can get it running locally by visiting the Github page. We'll be writing about more general progress on the main site and the in depth theory is being laid out in our meta wiki.

Synergy a browser based puzzle platformer, built in Unity3D, infused with a message about life. At the start of this project I was purely a designer, by the end I had caught the code bug.

Note: this requires the unity web player to run, it will prompt you to download but don't worry - it doesn't take long!

Bubbles! was an experiment in app development for Android. It was only meant to be a test to run through the process of creating and publishing but it turned into a full game written with Create.js and wrapped with Cordova. As a result of this being a small test that just kept growing, it's all written in one gigantic javascript file! Taught me a thing or two about what not to do. Still, got it working, pretty proud of that!

You can now download it onto any android device or just play it in the browser.

The things I do

Web App Development

An interactive service accessible through any browser from any device.
Intended as a tool as opposed to a resource.
e.g., Trello, Prezi, Cloud9, Grooveshark





Web Site Development

An online display or resource
whose primary function is to serve information.
May contain a Web App.


A bit about me

How I got here is a bit of a story. A series of discoveries that lead through more than a few creative industries. The first happened while I was training to be an Architect in Edinburgh, Scotland. I discovered just how much more amazing drafting and 3D software is in comparison to hand drawing. It felt like discovering the wheel!

I'd had a taste of the digital world and wanted more, so I finished up my training and moved to one of Scotland's technology hubs, the University of Abertay in Dundee. I learnt modeling, texturing, rigging and animation in 3D, special effects with particle systems, lighting, stereoscopics, editing, screen writing, sound effects, and, to top it all off, I discovered that all this was being applied procedurally in game development.

This blew my mind and I loved all of it, but you can't run down 10 different career paths and find success. So to find my way, I began taking on freelance projects in a few of the different industries. I did some 3D modeling and animation for a couple of indi movies, some VFX filled motion graphics for an advertising agency, some Graphic Design and some Illustration.

I have always been described as a creative person so it was a little surprising that none of these options clicked, in the end it was while working on the game art for Synergy with a group of indi developers when I figured out what did - programming! Looking back across all the things I've gone through it suddenly seems clear that this was the thing linking it all. Underneath everything it was the software itself that I was finding enthralling. From there I've had a pretty focused drive into the world of Web Development which brings us to now!

If you've read this far, thank you, it's amazing you lasted! We must have some pretty similar interests - I want to hear from you so send me a hello: IJMcCallum {at} hotmail {dot} co {dot} uk , honestly, just say "Hi, we've got similar interests. All the best, <your name>".

Some other tools I use




After Effects

Say hello! I'm on Github, Twitter, YouTube, Threadless, Grooveshark, 8Tracks, Khan Academy, Wikilogic, and a whole lot more...

IJMcCallum {at} hotmail {dot} co {dot} uk

Ah, you found the secret area. Nice one!

I'm torn about this bit being in, I love a good ego boost as much as the next man, but, bragging isn't really the most attractive of traits.

Well, in this world of tough competition, it's got to go in so here it is, and anyway - it's not like I've fixed world hunger, it's just a bunch of random things!

Through the small number of years I've been wandering round I've chased a whole bunch of different goals, and out of them, one has remained constant: to be (at minimum) better than average at everything I do.

If you think about it, it's probably not really that uncommon, in fact it's probably one of the most common aims throughout humanity! So, here are a few of the things in which I feel I've been most successfull:

I'm now working on adding Chess and Golf to that list, wish me luck!